ideas for
build your


ITG develop
new ideas and technological solutions
for the realization
of innovative products
and excellent products
aimed at the industrial and
commercial panorama.


An engineers laboratory
selected directly from the university world
at the service of companies.


ITG is an ENGINEERING LAB that researches and develops ideas for the global industry.
In its DNA there are the links that make research possible and constitute the basis on which to develop creative, operational and strategic processes.

know-how e passione

The founder of ITG comes from industrial experience in internationally renowned companies.
Passion and clear development objectives make him a competent and attentive guide towards the team of young engineers.

university team

The university is the hotbed of ITG’s thinking minds, young recent graduates, willing and updated on the latest engineering news.


The network of companies to which ITG offers its skills is in turn a source from which to take inspiration for the best solutions in terms of the production process of the idea. ITG’s experience is a certificate of guarantee for ongoing and future projects.


ITG has a network of connections and knowledge to satisfy any design requests in the stylistic area.

we are itg

Three keyword
in our brand name.

Three inputs that guide us every day
and make us a development partner
top quality for companies.
We start from needs,
from those that the company exposes to us
when he speaks to us for the first time
up to those not immediately explicit.
The investigation of the problem is deep
and detailed so as to stand out
all the necessary elements.
The boundaries of the intervention can evolve:
what matters is providing the best solution to the problem.


Ideas as
problem solving

Analyze problems
daily techniques for finding
the best solution to the problem.

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of ideas

Scientific and disciplinary competence in universities and corporate management are the intellectual credit on which ITG is based.
The engineering team was selected …

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Trait-d’union between
productive world, design
and universities

ITG wants to be an active and proactive part
of the companies it collaborates with
to find new ideas to produce in the future.

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A work history dedicated to a passion:
the design.

Pierangelo Margutti
Pierangelo Margutti

As a boy, to “fill the free time of the school holidays”, my dad, who saw in me a certain inclination for drawing, thought it best to find me a job in the technical office of the Gruber Macchine Utensili company in Milan.

Then, during my youth, the Gruber company offered me a job, generously encouraging me to continue my studies. I willingly accepted with the idea of ​​helping the family and starting to walk with my own strength.

This is how my profession in engineering was born, step by step, gaining various training experiences inside and outside the world of work…