Ideas for problem solving

Analyzing daily technical issues to find the best solution to a problem.




Technical speaking, performance is the ability of a tool or an object to fulfill the task for which is designed.
Improving the performance of any tool means enhancing its technical features. How?


One way is to increase its yield, i.e. the ratio between input and output energy.
This results in less energy used per unit of output, or more output per unit of input energy.

Mechatronic system are the result of a blend of mechanics and electronics.
They are highly efficient and can achieve the perfect work/energy balance.






One of the things that make us choose a speicifici product over another is the level of comfort that it provides.
Tools that are used for several hours at at time or devices that requires repetitive activities must provide a high level comfort to their users.


Comfort is what we have in mind not only as we carry out new projects but also as we constantly strive to improve the existing tools and devices.

Comfort can be increased by making operations easier or by improving the environment where the user is working..






Speaking of efficiency, particularly economic efficiency, it is paramount to be able to produce goods at a low final cost. This is what drives our constant search of new manufacturing processes..


We achieve efficiency by making the most out of the new malleable, high performing materials offered by materials engineering, alongside

optimised production systems and process control technology.


Cost Saving




The world has become exponentially more aware of the environmental impact in recent years. We at ITG are committed to the goal of producing the cleanest energy we can -when it comes to electricity, we are increasingly relying on renewable sources.
On the one hand, self-propelled machinery typically requires a lot of power, while on the other hand there is a constant request for more and more powerful instruments.

How can reconcile these conflicting needs? How can the environmental impact of self-propelled machinery be reduced?


Bearing in mind that right now it is not yet possible to rely exclusively on clean energy,

what is possible is to make the whole machine more efficient as a system. In order to do so, current layouts must be redesigned, the whole energy production chain must be overhauled by exploring new paths and leaving past ones behind.


Environmental Impact




In many cases, innovation is synonymous with radical change, but in some instances, such as in agriculture, radical change is frowned upon.
How can you bring innovation into a well-established product?


Every innovation project must have the following one right in its DNA, so that the ideas can build on the needs of the market.

Slow transformation is key to producing true change. We do so by gradually blending new technologies into the existing products.


New Features

Performance, environmental impact,comfort,
cost saving, new features
guide the development of new products.


Time changes the needs of companies and markets, ever so fast in this day and age.
To keep up with these changes means to be able to innovate oneself first and foremost. It is surprising to see how solutions can be applied creatively to different industries. However, creativity must go hand in hand with knowledge, as this is what ultimately turns ideas into actions.
Dedication naturally leads to tangible benefits in terms of timing, costs, and energy, while a meticulous eye for detail ensures risk containment in the construction phase and excellent end results.

Il The value of an idea
lies in the using of it.
Thomas A. Edison
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