A lifetime of work devoted to one passion: design.

When I was at school, my dad saw I had a penchant for design, so he found me a summer job in the engineering department of Gruber Macchine Utensili, a Milan-based machine tool company.
Later on, Gruber offered me a position and very generously helped me balance work and my studies. I gladly took the opportunity to support my family and start standing on my own two feet.
This is how my path in engineering started. Step by step, I continued to educate myself and gain experience inside and outside the professional world, at uni and in the engineering departments of companies specialising in machine tools, fork lifts, automation and handling, cabins and seats for vehicles, vehicle bodies, agricultural machinery and tools. I was in charge of studies, design, style, prototyping, costs, and certifications. The faces of my first, quite demanding teachers, for whom I have the deepest gratitude and admiration, have lived with me to this day.

Design shapes an idea, which turns into the heart of the product that is the life of the company.

I joined SAME in the late 1980s, embarking on a fascinating journey and eventually becoming Group Manager. At SDF I lived what you can call “the adventure of design”, moving from old-school drawing board to the newest, state-of-the-art digital tools. This has required a massive effort to learn and promote the use of new systems, fantastic tools for increasingly efficient R&D.

Work has given me so much, starting from the great opportunity to work with and learn from many skilled and proper workers, toolmakers, and designers both at SDF and other style and design companies (Autostudi, Carstudio, I.de.a Institute, Italdesign, Pininfarina, Giugiaro Design, GFG Progetti to name a few, along with many outstanding small and medium-sized industrial businesses, and universities). I have particularly fond memories of the highly dynamic and brilliant University of Brescia. I was able to develop great businesses as I was fortunate to meet people with extraordinary human and professional qualities, amazing talent, outstanding sense of duty, and great passion dealing even with the humblest tasks.

During those years, I had the chance to start and coordinate businesses with international staff, and I had the privilege of familiarising with and appreciating a wealth of cultures and making unforgettable experiences in Poland, India, Croatia, Germany, with immense human and professional satisfaction, which I will always keep in my heart and in my memories. I was in charge of projects which have resulted in significant achievements and helped to obtain patents and prestigious awards, such as Tractor of the Year, 4 Golden Tractor for the Design, Red Dot Design, German Design Award, the ADI Compasso d’Oro award, and mentions in trade journals, as well as institutional honours and awards such as the award for labour and economic progress of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce and the Star of Merit for Labour with the title of Maestro del Lavoro, which was awarded to me by the President of the Republic of Italy.

I am a firm believer in theenthusiasm and in the passion come from young people.

As I believe in the enthusiasm and the dynamic, innovative strength of young people, I have always tried to open up paths for them in the company by way of internships and dissertation projects, and when some of them actually join our staff with a permanent contract, it is just priceless to be able to share their happiness. Working with young people, giving them my trust and motivation, has given me the opportunity to see their excellent qualities and to share their enthusiasm and their will to keep dreaming big.

This is why I created ITG, a professional challenge that makes way for the young